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We’re fuelled by innovation and creativity. On The Edge celebrates local creatives and their unique talents. To celebrate the launch of our On The Edge campaign, we sat down with our featured creatives to talk to them about the importance of their work. Remember their names, remember their come up. 

From the west-side of Melbourne, Prince is a Congolese-Australian musician and producer. A free-spirited creative at the core. Prince fuses genres and breaks barriers, representing the 30side and YKM Topboyz. We asked Prince about his passion for skating, music and the meaning of versatility after a highly energised photo shoot. 

From mixing, mastering, producing and writing your own tracks to skating - what does it mean to you to be versatile?

Being versatile is like being a reptile, a Chameleon to be exact. Shedding off skin for new seasons and a fresh start, adapting to your surroundings, displaying multiple colours whenever you want.

How do skating and music compliment each other?

Skateboarding and music go hand in hand because they are both art forms that allow you to feel free and express yourself with or without a team. The energy and adrenaline you can feed off from music whilst skating or watching skateboarding videos, is raw, wholesome and captivating.


Creatively, who inspires you the most?

Currently I’m inspired the most by Bakar, Dominic Fike, Good Morning and Steve Lacy

What are some things you do to practice self-care?

Understanding my faults and knowing my weaknesses. Accepting my circumstances and being grateful for what I have. Sleeping for at least 7 hours, facial washing cream, Lotion, shaving, Butter/honey ointments and cutting my hair. Laughing all day, at anything, struggle or success.



What’s your 2020 vision?

Release my debut EP, perform at as many shows possible and explore the world creatively with an entrepreneur mindset


Who was your Spotify Wrapped Top Artist of 2019?

Steve Lacy

Check out what Prince is up to by following him on Instagram @_kingsson